I often get asked if someone should have a Facebook page for their business or a website.  Obviously choosing between the two can be very important for a business. As usual to answer this question I want to look at the actual numbers:

In the United States Google averages over 180 million people using it a month, Facebook averages 160 million people using it a month. Per Alexa as of yesterday (literally these are yesterday’s numbers) 50.1% of the internet users will go on Google at least once a month, 43.5% on Facebook.

Looking at these numbers it becomes evident that the place to be seen on in the internet is either Google or Facebook. So my question is why choose?

It is true statistically the more a business is likely to be talked about the better it will do on Facebook, so we can assume that a hairdresser will get a lot more result from Facebook than a garbage pickup company. But even then a great garbage pickup company, polite and friendly will get word of mouth too.

Based on these numbers if you only pick one of the two your marketing glass will only be half full (or half empty). So my recommendation is do both.  Don’t bother to figure out if your marketing glass is half full or empty; just fill it up all the way.