Website and internet presenceBy recent survey 84% of the adult American public is now using the Internet as their main tool for finding things, this is a huge number and it’s only going to go up. This makes a website a must for any successful business.

Let’s look at these numbers and compare them to any other marketing and you’ll see that nothing comes even close. to come close to a similar number on TV advertising you’d have to advertise on every single channel at every single time of the day.

A correctly created website provides the following things for a business:

  1. It provides a place for potential customer already looking for your services to find you.
  2. It provides a way to bring potential customers currently unaware that they need your services to the realization that you are the solution to their problem.
  3. It allows an easy way for people to contact you or set an appointment.
  4. It gives credibility to your business.
  5. It keeps you and your services real to your existing customers.

Most business do not realize the full potential of their website because they think of a website as a yellow page ad on the internet, this is probably because most company currently making websites for small and medium business are indeed yellow-pages type companies.