Custom Website Design

Get noticed or be forgotten

A website is one of the main ways to market your products and services and it follows basic marketing rules. One of these rules is that you have to instantly grab a customer’s attention or he will not notice you.

Let’s take a billboard for example. How many billboards do you drive by every day and never notice? Which one do you notice? What was the difference? DESIGN!

A website works the same way. Have you ever landed on a website and immediately closed it? Have you ever landed on a wrong website but got interested and kept reading? What was the difference? DESIGN!

Our Website Design Process

To ensure your website is one which captivates people’s interest our website design process is very thorough. Here are some of the major steps we take for any website we build:

  • Thorough study of the company look and design.
  • Research in the field the company operates in regarding look, motifs and colors customers already respond best to.
  • Company website drawn from scratch based on the above research; no templates are used!
  • If needed a new logo is designed (with the client’s approval).
  • The new look is visually tested with potential website customers and modified as needed.
  • Once a workable website look is found it is submitted to the client for approval.
  • Once approved, it goes through our website building and web coding process which brings the actual website to life.

There are no hidden fees in our website building process nor our SEO projects. The full internet presence cost and what it includes is agreed upon before the project is begun.