Website Logo and Branding Design

There are many aspects of marketing your business on the internet. One of them is to generate familiarity and recognition for your business and its products and services.

One of the tools we use to accomplish this is constant look and logo.

Many companies charge anywhere between $300 and $700 just to create a logo for your business; we believe that when we build a website for you it is our job to create or upgrade your logo so it accomplishes familiarity and recognition. For this reason we include logo design free with any website we build.

What should your logo be like?

Here are some points to keep in mind when deciding whether to keep your logo or change it:

  • Does your logo portray the values and goals of your company?
  • What message does your current logo convey to your customers or the public?
  • You have a certain level of professionalism, which is why your customers want your services or products. Does your logo match that level of professionalism?
  • And last but not least, establish who you want to find you on the internet. Next figure out how they think and what they like. Is your logo something that is real and credible to your type of customer?

Our custom website design process includes every one of these steps. After all, our job includes creating a website that achieves a high conversion rate from viewers to customers.

Blogs and Themes

Most blog website designers create a website for you in some blog application and then choose one of the themes the come with that blog application. We take it a few steps further.

We create a custom theme that fits your needs, this way your website blog doesn’t look like 5000 other blogs but it fits your needs and is unforgettable to the customer.