Social Networks and Your Website

We see social networks being used at an increasing rate, for example in January 2010 Facebook users spend an average of seven hours a month using Facebook, so what does this mean to the average business owner?

Well let’s think about it; if you were able to befriend prospective customers and keep them updated you would have people constantly being reminded of you without ever “marketing” a single thing.

Search Engines and Social Networks

In December 2009 Google announced its partnership with Facebook. Facebook public pages are already getting indexed by Google and your presence on Facebook and other social networks will directly relate to how easy you are to find by potential customers.

Social Network Service

Part of our extended SEO service is our social network service. This service incorporates social networks right on your site, here are some of the features we have included:

  • Create a company Facebook profile and feed.
  • Ability to interface and comment on your website by anyone that has a Facebook or Google account.
  • Interface between your company Facebook page and your website.
  • Website forums and user networks.

Blogs and Themes

Most blog website designers create a website for you in some blog application and then choose one of the themes that come with that blog application. We take it a few steps further.

We create a custom theme that fits your needs, this way your website blog doesn’t look like 5000 other blogs but it fits your needs and is unforgettable to the customer.